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Episcopal Asset Map

New Resource for Promoting Your Ministries
Looking for experts and best practices for your ministries? The Episcopal Asset Map is an excellent source. You can search by topic either geographically or worldwide.

Click here to start a worldwide search and then click the Ministry Services checkboxes for your search. 

To search nearer to home, go to the Diocese box in the upper left of the gray shaded area of the same page and select the diocese or dioceses for your search.

For others to be able to locate your ministries, just add them to your existing listing. The way to update your listing is to go to your map site here and click Take the Survey. Once your update is saved, it will be reviewed by our map coordinators for accuracy and published for all the world to see. You can update your listing as many times as you wish, so it isn't necessary to do a complete update at once.

For more information about the asset map and its uses, including a video, click here or contact map coordinator Don Plummer at (770) 695-6260.