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From our Canon Chaplain

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

                                                                                  In Your Light we shall see light.

Think what you will about this : I do not have an I-phone/pad or tablet. I have a flip phone which I was astonished to be able to replace as recently as a year ago in an AT&T Store ! They still make them apparently.

The bright light of a screen in my life is a lap-top - beautifully blue. And I look at it twice a day. Sorry if I don't get back to you that quickly. I can send and receive texts on my flip phone - but I somehow survive without 'apps.'

The reason for this 'backwardness' on my part is laziness. I don't want to be bothered with a computer in my pocket. There is no claim of virtue on my part for avoiding the clamor of instant electronic communication - probably more likely to be denial of some sort. I certainly don't want to sound self righteous either.

Recently I met a professor of theology here in Atlanta who admitted that she too was a social media 'luddite.'

She has the same flip phone as mine and only opens her lap-top once a day.  How can the two of us survive if all we have is an occasional e-mail to read !

There is one deeply important benefit from this benighted life-style. I am not dazzled by the light of TMI.  I choose my exposure to what appears on a screen.

When Jesus shone with a dazzling light on the Mount of Transfiguration it was his face that was as bright as the sun and it was his garments that glowed. In other words we were dazzled - almost blinded - by the appearance of a PERSON. A voice accompanied this vision.

'Listen to Him.' Don't hang around being overwhelmed and mesmerized by the dazzling brightness of this - LISTEN to what he says.

In some ways I regret that the Feast of the Transfiguration has virtually moved from August 6th to the Sunday before Lent begins. The startling coincidence of the Light of Christ and its contrast in the light of catastrophic evil at Hiroshima on the same day is overwhelmingly powerful - and we can still reflect on that on August 6th. But as we approach Lent perhaps the brightness of this Light can overwhelm the glaring and demanding lights of the world around us - especially of our electronic devices. Try pretending you don't have an i-phone. Try turning it off for prolonged periods during Lent.  Allow the Light of Christ to illumine your darkness, instead of the persistent lights of 'what's going on.' Above all listen to His voice instead of 'Breaking News.'

' the mystery of the Word made flesh, you have caused a new light to shine in our hearts, to give the knowledge of your glory in the face of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.'

Wow !