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78th General Convention

What we agreed to do

By Nan Ross

For nearly two weeks this summer,  the Rev. Grace Burton-Edwards, rector at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church in Columbus, worked as a legislative aide at the 78th General Convention. While there, she wrote a blog for her parish to explain what was happening during this large, nearly two-week gathering of Episcopalians, this time in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At the convention's conclusion Burton-Edwards decided to delve into summarizing just what it was we agreed to do — into four categories. Think of it not as a to-do list, but perhaps as a menu: A list of ideas that are supported throughout our church at this time and deserve our attention, our prayers and our actions.  

It's difficult to capture the sum total of a General Convention and come out with an understanding of what our deputies and bishops decided beyond what made headlines.  In the end, and if you want some understanding of how our church works, these summaries are a great gift. Thank you, Grace Burton-Edwards!