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Diocesan Conference Calling

Did you know that the Diocesan Communication Commission has made it possible for churches, groups, and committees in the diocese to do video and audio conferencing via your phones and computers?

Cisco's WebEx program allows a group to meet with one another without having to travel! People of all technological levels can use this software to call into a meeting using a computer with or without a webcam, or any kind of phone.

Here's how you and your committee can use WebEx: Contact Jeff Jackson, rector of St. Nicholas', Hamilton, and learn how to use WebEx. If you want to learn how to host a meeting on your own, he can show you how to do that too! The best part is, you don't have to leave your home or office to be trained!

Some ways to use WebEx:

  • Vestries who may be interviewing candidates from far away
  • Committees or Commissions with members from around the diocese who want more participation
  • Convocational meetings
  • Clergy or lay groups who want to meet for study or prayer
  • Communication with our seminarians or missionaries

If you'd like to attend a training, or if you're just curious, e-mail us at!