Drawing the circle Wider

Published Works

Bishop J. Neil Alexander is the author of a number of publications in the fields of liturgics, homiletics, sacramental theology and pastoral practice.

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This Far By Grace: A Bishop's Journey Through Questions About Homosexuality

Cowley Publications (2003)

From the book jacket:

"'From fear to love, from conditional to unconditional, from judgment to mercy,' this is the conversion experience of one wise bishop whose caring discernment on the vexed subject of homosexuality is what the overheated Episcopal Church needs now more than ever. There could not be a more timely or useful book than this for a church in turmoil, a fine example of pastoral, personal, and prophetic theology."

– Professor Peter J. Gomes, Harvard University, author of The Good Life

"This small book sets itself a large task: to follow the history of one bishop's engagement with the issue of homosexuality in a way that will be of help to other Christians. Calmly and kindly, Alexander recalls for us a few gifts we might have forgotten are already ours: a lively understanding of tradition and orthodoxy, a midrashic relation to holy texts, and a venerable and flexible situationalism in our approach to sacramental confession. Life courses through this little volume – our story is never over, the love of God never summed up. Alexander shows the way to further discovery."

– The Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, author of Mass in Time of War