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Resolutions and amendments to the Constitution and Canons may be presented by Convocations or Diocesan Departments and Commissions or any Lay Delegate or Clergy Member.

Resolutions, except Canon or Constitution changes, may be submitted any time before Council recesses for lunch on the first legislative day. Thereafter, a resolution must receive a two-thirds affirmative vote of approval of its introduction to Council. To be published on the diocesan website in advance of Council or to be included in the next mailing, a Resolution on any matter must be e-mailed (MS Word attachment preferred) to by Oct. 9, 2012.

Amendments to the diocesan constitution or canons must be submitted to the Council Standing Committee on Constitution and Canons no later than Oct. 9, 2012. Please send them to the Council Secretary, The Rev. Herschel R. Atkinson, 509 Rhodes Drive, Elberton, GA, 30635-2006 or by e-mail MS Word attachment to Please send a copy to

A resolution, except for Constitution or Canon changes, that has not been received by Oct. 9 will not be published on the diocesan website or included in the next mailing. It must be introduced before the lunch recess of the first legislative day of Council. Prepare 600 copies of the resolution and present them to Mrs. Janet Patterson, Chair of Annual Council Committee, on Nov. 9. They will be distributed at the Council.

Please be guided by the two formats. Please download this form for examples.