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Many Expressions of Faith

"Let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good."

Maya Angelou

For Faith

– Bishop Rob Wright's Weekly Devotion

Some wonder

Some in the church wonder why I am willing to baptize anyone, anywhere, anytime – especially in worship.

It's because of John's baptizing ministry in a river. Only muddy water and sincerity were necessary for John. Then there's Philip's baptizing of an Ethiopian man at a creek. The Ethiopian heard in Philip's words about Jesus a blessed urgency to believe and belong. 

I have baptized babies and reprobates alike. Seems like for baptism to be as it was intended – an offer to die and rise, an initiation into Christ's life – it should be dangerous from time to time. It should resist and scandalize any efforts to domesticate it.

The messiness of open baptism by the Spirit of children and adults, through the church, needs one thing: for you and me to offer it liberally until it fulfills its intent in being the sacrament that scandalizes, supplants and saves.  Acts 8: 1-25



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As the people of God in the Diocese of Atlanta we are committed to the safety of all God's people and to the integrity of all work carried out by our clergy and people. Learn more about our required training for all who work with children, as well as all who work with adults in a pastoral relationship.

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