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Parish Representatives

What does an ER&D parish rep do?


  •  Visits the ER&D website (;  monthly is encouraged.
  • Keeps information on ER&D available to the congregation.
  • Disseminates information on ER&D disaster relief to appropriate people in the parish.
  • Speaks to parish organizations such as the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Episcopal Church Women and Daughters of the King about ER&D.
  • Encourages parish and parishioners to support ER&D through Bishops Blend coffees and the "Gifts for Life" catalog. 
  •  Sets up a display table for ER&D on a ministry-fair day in the parish.  Some parishes decide to do an Alternative Gift Market Day for ER&D.

This is a ministry in which people are encouraged to support ERD.  Each parish handles it a bit differently, and it is important to consult with your rector before proceeding.  Janet Livingston, diocesan coordinator for Episcopal Relief and Development, furnishes a folder with information for each parish representative and serves as a resource so we can keep telling the good news about ERD. If you want to become involved in this ministry, contact Janet – and your rector.