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Who is required to take this training?

Those required to maintain up-to-date certification in Safeguarding God’s Children Training are:

  • Clergy
  • All volunteers (age 16 and over) who work with children and youth, such as: Sunday school teachers, lay youth ministers, adults who participate in overnight activities with children or youth more than twice a year, confirmation mentors, youth mentors, acolyte directors or leaders, confirmation/youth mentors, nursery workers or those who assist more than four times a year), and church camp counselors
  • All vestry members or members of similar decision-making groups who have the authority to approve the creation of ministries, programs or activities for children or youth
  • Diocesan leaders (e.g., bishop’s staff and Standing Committee)
  • Preschool and school teachers
  • Music directors and musicians who regularly work with children and youth
  • Paid staff at church camps