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What is Safeguarding God's People and who needs training?

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Safeguarding God’s People (SGP) is a training program for the prevention of sexual exploitation in communities of faith. Training is designed to help participants understand the overt and the subtle, the intentional and unintentional, ways in which exploitation and harassment occur in church, school and institutional settings. The aim of the training is to prevent exploitation and harassment by making everyone more aware of her/his words, actions, and intentions as we engage together in ministry.

A component of this program covers the prevention of sexual harassment of church workers and is taught separately.

Safeguarding God's People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith addresses the development or attempted development of a sexual relationship between a person in any ministerial position and an individual with whom he or she has a pastoral relationship; this is commonly called adult sexual exploitation.

Who is required to take Safeguarding God's PEOPLE training?

HERE'S WHO all clergy, church employees, vestry members, lay pastoral care ministers (including Stephen Ministers), spiritual directors, eucharistic visitors, hospital visitors authorized by the church, leaders and facilitators of all adult programs and small group ministries, seminarians, interns and lay chaplains. 

Please peruse this section of the website to acquaint yourself with our policies and procedures. To the left you will find section headers for Safeguarding God's Children training schedule and resources, and also for Safeguarding God's People training schedule and resources. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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 To schedule a training in your convocation or parish, contact the Rev. Deborah Silver, or 404-601-5358.