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Ministry Innovations FAQ


How much money is available?

As of April 2016, there is about $60,000 in the Innovations in Ministry Fund.


What size grants are awarded?

Grants of greatly varying sizes are available.

The first 2 innovations selected for funding, Hannah Project Atlanta and Theology From the Margins, are receiving $2,400 and $5,500, respectively.

Larger grants are available for more expensive undertakings so long as there are other ministry partners contributing a combined amount of at least half of the total needed.


Is money available for personnel costs?

Yes. Paying a full-time salary for a project director or coordinator is not possible, but grant money can be used to pay stipends to individuals who are guiding ministry innovations.


How long can an innovation receive funding?

The maximum period that any innovation will receive support from the Innovations in Ministry Fund is three (3) years. Grants are awarded on an annual basis. Just because an innovation receives funding in its first year does not guarantee that funding will continue after that. However, if an innovation is tracking toward success by its own proposed standards, continuing funding is likely for a maximum of three (3) years.


What percentage of the total cost will the Innovations in Ministry Fund pay?

No innovation will be fully funded by the Innovations in Ministry Fund. Ideally, the percentage contributed from the fund will be under 50% of the total needed to support the innovation.


What if I am the only person in my parish who is interested?

That is not a problem so long as you identify and collaborate with others in other parishes, worshipping communities, convocations and with others outside the Diocese of Atlanta.


Who decides what innovations are funded?

The Ministry Innovations Task Force (MITF) is the entity created and charged by Bishop Wright with oversight of the distribution of funds from the Innovations in Ministry Fund to support ministry innovations.

The MITF has a minimum of six (6) members at any given time. They are clergy and lay people from the Diocese of Atlanta selected and approved by Bishop Wright. 

How do I apply? 

First, submit a one-page overview of your idea to

Next, after receiving feedback and suggestions based on this one-page description, develop your formal application according to the MITF Purpose and Guidelines.(Link to Purpose and Guidelines)


When are applications due? 

The MITF receives applications in advance of three deadlines each year. The deadlines are January 1, May 1, and September 1.


How do I know for sure if my idea meets the criteria for a Ministry Innovation?

Submit your question to