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How to Apply

Receiving a grant from the Innovations in Ministry Fund will take some legwork. However, the Ministry Innovations Task Force is here to answer your questions and provide guidance along the way.


Take the First Step & Share the Idea

The first step is to fill out this one-page form with your idea for an innovations in ministry.

Remember, a ministry innovation is not an idea--even a good idea--that Episcopalians have dreamed up to deliver to their community without consulting with the community.

It’s service alongside community members and ministry partners, not “charity” and not “help.”

It should have the potential for mutual transformation and growth--of all involved.

After the MITF receives your form, the Rev. Donna S. Mote, Missioner for Engagement and Innovation, will be in touch to offer feedback and suggestions and discuss next steps.

Full Official Application Requirements

To get a full picture of all of the information you will ultimately need to gather to develop your formal application for a grant, please read the Ministry of Innovations Task Force Purpose and Guidelines.

Applying for an Innovations in Ministry grant is a process. You will need to line up community partners and other backers who have committed to donate time, in-kind contributions, and other funds before an Innovations grant will be awarded.


When are formal applications due?

The MITF receives applications in advance of three deadlines each year. The deadlines are January 1, May 1, and September 1.

Questions? Submit yours to