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A Letter From Bishop Wright: Renewing Your Safe Church Certification  

Click here to view Bishop Wright's letter 

Safeguarding Online Instructions

Visit Safeguarding Online here or type the URL address,, in your internet browser. You will arrive at a blue page that says, "Welcome to Safeguarding Online".

At the bottom of the page where it says "Click here to login and begin Safeguarding Online" enter your login information.

User ID: first initial of your first name + your last name (all in small letters)
Password: month and year of your birthday + ga (e.g. 0796ga)

Be sure to put “ga” in small letters. Once you put in your login info, you will then go to the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta's Safeguarding Online site page. You will see a photo of our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert Wright. Below his photo is a list of the Safeguarding Online Training Modules beginning with "Meet Sam".

For Password reset, send request here.

Safeguarding God's CHILDREN recertification:
You are required to complete two specific modules in order to re-certify for Safeguarding God's Children. Each module is approximately 45 min. long. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete each module and answer the questions at the end of each segment. If you stop prematurely, you will need to go back and start from the beginning.

In order to receive credit for the completion of the module, you must complete it from beginning to end and answer all the questions asked.

Here is a listing of the required SAFEGUARDING GOD'S CHILDREN modules:
1. Abuse Prevention Refresher
2. Duty to Report
3. You will also need to read the diocesan Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse. Click here to view PDF

After reading the diocesan policies, you should sign the Compliance Agreement Form or Appendix D and send a copy to