Re-gathering Resources

Message from Bishop Wright | June 17, 2020

Siblings in Christ, what follows are guidelines in support of worshipping communities desiring to resume in-person worship. This offering is published expecting that parish leaders and clergy have already been imagining and planning for just such an occasion. These documents include the efforts of our Re-Gathering Task Force to lay out the parameters for both planning for and reflecting theologically on returning to in-person gatherings during this time.

To that end, in addition to policy, the main Guidance document includes a series of questions to be answered by parish leadership in preparation for re-gathering and beyond. These questions, I hope, will lead to important reflection and refreshment as we endeavor to harness all we have learned about being Christ’s church over the last thirteen weeks.

Thank you to Jodie Guest, Mike McAuliffe, and Caroline McGee for your bright minds and hard work in developing this important first step in re-gathering for the diocese. This work will continue in the coming weeks and months. Alicia Schuster Weltner of my staff is available for questions.

The following policy documents have been prepared for use by clergy and lay leadership of our parishes in planning options for in-person gatherings when permitted.

Guidance for Church Physical In-Person Gathering & Building Use with Respect to COVID-19

COVID-19 Safer Standards Chart

Vestry Notification & Certification

COVID Situation Response