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How to Submit Legislation for the 2017 Annual Council

Resolutions and amendments to the Constitution and Canons may be presented by Convocations or Diocesan Departments and Commissions or any Lay Delegate or Clerical Member.

Resolutions, except Canon or Constitution changes, may be submitted any time before the lunch break on the first legislative day (November 10th, 2017) for referral to a legislative committee. Thereafter, a resolution must receive a two-thirds affirmative vote of approval of its introduction.

Any resolution must submitted by November 4, 2017 if it is to be published on the Diocesan Council website.

Amendments to the diocesan constitution or canons must be submitted to the Council Standing Committee on Constitution and Canons no later than October 10, 2017. Send them to the Assistant Council Secretary, The Very Rev. P. Richard Game by e-mail MS Word attachment to:

A resolution that has not been received by November 4, 2017 may not be published on the diocesan website.  It must be introduced before recess of the first legislative day of Council. Prepare 550 copies of the resolution and bring them to Mrs. Janet Patterson, Chair of Annual Council Committee, to the Council on November 10th, 2017. They will be distributed at the Council.


Please be guided by the formats below. Please do not use "whereas" clauses.  Instead, include an “Explanation” that focuses attention of the Council on the substance of the resolution. 

A Model Resolution

Resolved, that resolutions submitted to any Council shall not include a preamble (“whereas” clauses); and be it further

Resolved, that any resolution or proposed Constitution or Canon change shall be followed by an explanation of the matter to be acted on by the Council.


Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised recommends that reasons for a motion not be in the motion or in a preamble, but be included in an attached explanation. This makes it clear that only the substance of the resolution is being acted on. A statement of the effect of the resolution can be included.

A Model Canonical Change of Some Complexity

Resolved, that Section 1 of Canon 23 Of Church Debt be amended to read as follows:

            Section 1. No long term indebtedness shall be incurred by an Aided Parish or congregation without the prior approval of (a)both the Bishop and the Board of Officers, or (b) the Bishop and Department of Finance Committee.


Words to be deleted are lined through. Words to be added are underlined (or in italics if desired). The explanation should show the intent of and the effect of the proposed amendment. This format is followed also for proposed amendments to the Constitution or the Council Rules of Order.

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