Drawing the circle Wider

The Canons of the Diocese


Canons 1-19  

             1  Of the Council of the Diocese

              2  Of the Officers of the Diocese

Of the Standing Committee

Of the Board of Officers of the Corporation

Of the Executive Board of the Diocese

Of Convocations

Of Deputies to the General Convention

Of the Board of Governors of the Mikell Conference Center

Of the Board of Governors of Appleton Family Ministries in the Diocese of Atlanta

10  Of the Trustees of the University of the South

11  Of Church Construction

12  Of The Commission on Ministry

13  Of the Diocesan Newspaper

14  Of  Vacancies

15-19   Reserved


Canons 20-35  

             20  Of the Funding of the Ministry and Mission of the Diocese

21  Of the Finance Department

22  Of Trust Funds

23  Of Church Debt

24  Of the Thanksgiving Day Offering

25  Of Expenses of Diocesan Committees and Diocesan Boards

26-29  Reserved

 30  Parishes and Aided Parishes

31  Of Parish Meetings and Elections

32  Of the Duties of the Wardens

33  Of the Vestry

34  Of the Change of Status of Parishes

35  Of the Pastoral Relationship 

Canons 36 - 46 

             36  Of Parochial Reports

37  Of the Transfer of Communicants

38  Of Memorials

39  Reserved

40  Of the Cathedral of St. Philip

41  Of the Cathedral Board of Trustees

42  Of the Ecclesiastical Court and of Ecclesiastical Discipline

43  Of the Election of a Bishop

44 Of the Diocesan Review Committee

45  Of the Canons

46 Of the Election of a Bishop Suffragan