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The Beloved Community

Commission for Dismantling Racism


Because racism works against our baptismal call to love others in the power of the spirit and to strive for justice and peace among all people, we seek to heal this chronic illness in our faith community through education, developing greater awareness of its existence in our ongoing spiritual formation. We will use prayer, intentional action, continued dialogue and the sharing of our personal and collective stories to help in facilitating the healing, transformation and reconciliation that will make it possible for us to truly see the face of God in all others.

A New Vision

By Catherine Meeks, Ph.D.

Beloved Community: Commission for Dismantling Racism is the name that we chose when we renamed our anti-racism commission. When our new bishop, Robert Wright, met with us he asked that we consider a name change because there was so much negative reaction to the name that we had. After much conversation and reflection we agreed upon the current name. This name actually embodies our vision. We are trying to help construct the beloved community and in order to do that, racism has to be dismantled. This change has generated much positive energy.

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